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Only complete games count in records, partials do not. Pick your team carefully. The 27 teams are made up of two of the best and brightest of the NBA, although Jordan isn't available for the Bulls. Each team has their strenghths and weaknesses.

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Golden State has an excellent three point shooter with Mullin, and a fair dunker. Orlando has a terrific three shooter Skiles and a terriffic dunker Shaq , but they have worse speed than Sacramento. In my opinion, the three teams with the best balance are Charlotte, Chicago, and Atlanta. People have been buzzing about, "Well, where's Michael Jordan? Neither is Magic Johnson, who is rumored in the machine also. Reason being that Midway got a blanket deal to carry two people from 27 teams, and that they were VERY lucky to get Shaq.

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson apparantly are seperate entities from the NBA Licensing, and so, would be entitled to more money than it appears Midway had. Press pass.

BOOMSHAKALAKA! Slam dunk with all 30 NBA teams! KABOOM!

Press turbo and pass to throw a quicker, safer pass. Hold the shoot button down. Shot is more accurate when player is at the peak of the jump. Tap shoot button once.

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Unfortunatly, your Computer drones will shoot if you do this while they have the ball. Hold shoot when running. Hold turbo and shoot for a super dunk.

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More on Super Dunks in Section 2. Hold shoot for a short time when running. Hold shoot button to jump. Hold turbo and jump to jump higher. This is automatic if you're close enough; otherwise press shoot and point toward the ball. Easier to do with two player teams. The player without the ball moves under the basket and holds shoot to jump.

Meanwhile, the ball handler presses turbo and pass to throw to the jumping player quickly. Special Techniques To reject a dunking player, it's best to wait until the dunker has reached the peak of his jump before you jump to block. For example, if Barkley starts a cannonball dunk, wait until he's coming down before you press turbo and jump. Also, make sure you're in front of the player and near the basket. Another way to reject a dunker is to knock him down turbo and steal if it's a low dunk like an "easy jam".

To block a shot, you need to jump at the same time you believe the shooter will jump. I usually let the shooter shoot while I'm in his face but not jumping and then I'll grab the rebound or my teammate will. It is possible to block the buzzer 3-point attempt.

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Right after the ball is passed inbounds press turbo and jump and point toward the shooter. To steal, there are three good techniques: This is not my technique, so say much about it, but it seems to work well for others. It's more fun, and can be done continuously to computer opponents until they drop the ball.

Hopefully you won't get called for goaltending. To rebound, there are two good techniques: If you are close enough to the ball your player will jump automatically to rebound. Try to have a screen when you're trying to shoot. This is great for players like Mullin Head fakes work great.

Make sure you mix in a few elbow throws though, or you may be knocked down. If you're doing an easy jam with an opponent nearby, it's best to pass to your teammate in mid-dunk. He's usually open and you won't have to worry about getting knocked down.

Easy jam: Two-handed jam: Tomahawk jam 1: Tomahawk jam 2: Tomahawk jam 3 windmill: Cannonball slam fireball: Really high slam also the "Tarzan yell" slam or "helicopter rotor" slam: Weird slam don't know what to call it; he puts his knees up and spins 2 or 3 times: Spreadeagled slam: From middle of key, hold shoot. Really high behind the back slam similar to easy jam: The dunk where the dunker hangs on the rim: In mid-dunk, if your teammate is open, you can pass the ball back to them by pressing pass.

Then, they can take an easy three! In the fourth quater and in any overtime periods, you can break the backboard in a spectacular display with any specialty dunks. When time is running out in the period, dunking isn't a good option. If time runs out in mid-dunk, you made a "bad decision". In a one-player or a two person team vs.

If you have a lead of four points or more, and get the basketball from a basket or goaltend, get the ball, stay at your end of the court, hold your position, stay for as long as you can. The Computer will stay in it's position and do nothing until the Shot Clock counts down below 5, then it will force you to take your move.

At 6 seconds, quickly pass to your teammate if he's open, or if you are, take a shot. Even if you miss, you get better a better shot at rebounding, then you can get the ball, pass back to the man in backcourt, and milk the clock again. This trick works best in the fourth quarter. When a character makes three consecutive shots in a row, he is said to be "on fire".

After that, all his future shots will stand a much more improved chance of entering the basket, although I have seen some miss while on fire. You can really open up a lead when on fire by launching three after three. You will stay "on fire" until the other team makes a shot go in their basket. When you're on fire, to stay on fire, work in the back of the court, goaltend any layups or three-pointers, steal and rebound when possible.

This also works if you're "heating up", i. Plus, when you're on fire, you have the advantage of unlimeted turbo power, even if you're the kind of player that holds down turbo during a game. When someone else in on fire, the best way to get them off fire is to dunk the basketball. You don't stay on fire forever, you lose it after a period of time. A rather long time, it seems, usually 30 points, but you do lose it. Secret Codes. All secret codes are done before the Tip-off, when the announcer says, "Tonight's match up: Team versus Team " and continued right up until the tip-off.

You can use these codes and power-up your computer teammate, or if you feel in a particularly evil mood and see someone on the machine you don't like, you can power-up his Computer opponents. Hold joystick up and hold down Turbo and Steal at "Tonight's match up". Gives your player a head three times larger than normal. Some arcades might have their machine set to have Big Head permanently on, as it is also an operator-adjustable feature, therefore, doing this on such a machine will turn Big Head off. Tap Steal or Block eight times when it says "Tonight's match up".

Eight times only. Gives you extra defensive power. Hold down joystick and hold down all three buttons during "Tonight's match up". Gives you extra intercept power. Tap Steal or Block 21 times at "Tonight's match up". Gives you extra offensive power. At "Tonight's Match-Up", tap the shoot button seven times, then all at once, hold down the joystick and all three buttons. This is one method, there may be more to get Powerup Defense and Intercept. Tap turbo six times, hold turbo and steal, then hold the joystick up at "Tonight's match-up".

Tap turbo seven times, then hold the turbo, pass and shoot buttons, then hold the joystick down. Press turbo eight times, then hold turbo and steal down, and hold the joystick up. Tap turbo ten times when it says "Tonight's match up". Turns off the computer's rampant cheating. This only works in four-player games, three player games or two player games where they compete against each other. It will say at the tip off, "All computer assistance turned off" This will stop the computer from subtracting a percentage point from your shooting percentage for every point you lead by and increasing the shooting percentage for the team behind.


Human 1-on-1, 1-on-2, 2-on-2 games and ONLY on machines that are version 3. This cannot be done on an empty space, a paid player must be the one doing this trick. Why do this? Well, if you have a BIG lead over 20 points versus an opponent, the Computer will try to balance out things by making your opponent's shots go in better, while making you go ice cold. Very early in the first quarter, I went on fire and opened a lead. Then, in the second quarter, I went cold, lost the big lead and the Computer kept a balance until the last quarter.

I couldn't make any shot during the last minute of the game and lost by 5 points. At "Tonight's match up", spin joystick clockwise and rapidly tap all three buttons at once until tip-off. Whenever anyone takes tap all three buttons seven times each until tip-off. This is the percent chance your shot has on going in.

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It is now known what "Learning Mode 2" is, so we know it doesn't matter if more than one person does this. On older versions of NBA Jam 2. On versions that are 3. This is the other powerup that can only be done by a paid player. There is a Learning Mode 1 and a Learning Mode 3. Mark Turmell would not tell us what they are or how to get them. A small hint about the Shot Percentage, it shows a consistent pattern from any given spot on the court. Your shot percentage is affected by the following things, being on fire, proximity to basket, defence you face, and the lead of the game if the computer assistance isn't turned off.

The Design Team screen will cycle through normally once every minutes when no one is playing, but a shortened version of the Design Team Screen can be done in this manner. Hold down all three buttons on Players 1 and 2 side, and hold the joysticks up at the same time. Then, you have to time this right, release all buttons at once, and pull down on both joysticks at the same time.

The Design Team screen will come up, cycle out, then show the current version of the game. But, to save memory and to make the game more challenging, the final cut was brought down to In machines that are Version 2.

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This was a rather confusing bug, especially if you picked the Lakers to go against Two Turmells on Charlotte. Turmell's jersey color was that of the Lakers, although his favorite team is the Detroit Pistons. They can be found by entering their initials and birthdate before picking teams. Though it may seem that the Special Guests inherit the stats of the person they substitute for, the Special Guests seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages over the character they substitute for.

We haven't yet found out the advantages and disadvantages for all the special guests, those we know, we've listed. We'll put in the next posting the complete list of advantages and disadvantages. Enter MJT and the birthdate March 22nd. Mark J. Look for improved three shooting, but at a slight cost of dunking and defense. Enter WIL and the birthdate January 1st. On older versions, you may have to wait for seven seconds before entering January.

You can look for improved dunking ability, but at the cost of three shooting. You can substitute him for any good dunking player. Try him in place of Shaq. Also look on the scoreboard during periods for the ad for Air Morris. The scoreboard will show his face in a side profile, a single shoe and a jet plane. Erving fell ill at tonight's game and was taken to a local hospital, where he is currently being evaluated," a statement issued on behalf of the 76ers and Erving's management group said. Statement on behalf of Dr. He is expected to be released after the evaluation.

Erving, 67, range the ceremonial Liberty Bell to open the Sixers' game against the Detroit Pistons , an honor marking 35 years since he produced his famous "cradle dunk" against the Los Angeles Lakers. Erving is the 76ers' 4th all-time leading scorer and the NBA's 7th all-time leading scorer with 30, career points. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Read more. Thank You.

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