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Since updating to iOS 7. Took a trip to the apple store today and bought a genuine lightning apple sd card reader. Tried it in the apple store on one of their iPads, with my sd card and had the same issue. Discussed it with apple store rep and he offered to replace the cable, I did, same issue. It HAS to be a firmware issue, as it was working fine prior to the update On the cheaper, non genuine attachment.

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Why oh why do Apple mess with stuff when it works fine in the first place? Using ipad retina. Jan 26, Jun 5, So that shouldn't be the issue. I purchased the camera kit when I purchased the iPad2. It worked fine then. Somewhere along the line one of the updates has screwed with the software.

Just like they screwed with the software when they discovered 3rd party vendors were selling kits that would allow you to upload directly from CD cards. Previously I used the connector on my "first generation iPad" with no problems. My original iPad was updated several times.

Apr 1, 4: Choe, I have the Same problem. Dit you manage to fix the problem yet? My connection kit doesn't work and my sd card reader does work. Apr 6, I have the same problem, new iPad 3 and camera connection will not work.

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All my photos are in a dcim folder.. Apr 14, 4: Hi did you get your camera connection working? I'm having same prob since upgrading to ios5 on my iPad 2 when it worked previously can't seem to find an answer how to get round it. Just wondering if you did. Apr 15, Hi, yes, got it working, I downloaded the photos off memory card onto laptop, then formatted the card..

Good luck. May 8, 8: I took my iPad 3rd Generation with me today to the Apple store. Guess what? Me and some Apple Store employees tried several different camera connection kits, with several different SD cards, on several new 3rd Generation iPads and none of them worked. They were stumped and stated they hadn't seen this problem before. And I deal with these particular Apple employees frequently and they know their products well.

They requested I come back in about week while they figure out a solution.

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I'll post their response. No not yet. May 10, 8: It imports maximum 2 photos before crashing. I closed every single open application on my IPad to free up all possible memory, no difference. I have tried all manner of doing the connections in a different order, opening the Photos app first and then connecting, etc. It just flat out doesn't work unless importing pictures one at a time.

Flag as inappropriate Crashes all the time. Apple offers no help but a Google search came up with a comment that suggests the problem may the file name format. Flag as inappropriate Worthless and no help from Apple!!! This connector worked perfectly with my original iPad, but all I get are "unsupported" error messages with my new iPad 3. Anybody else having the same problem?

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Flag as inappropriate Doesn't work with iPad 3. I bought this with but one use: And ever since the iPad was new it's reported this as an unsupported device.

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Epic fail! If you purchase this, try it immediately and if it doesn't just work assume its faulty and return. Don't waste time with power hubs and all those red herrings. If it did work, I'd like it to connect with USB flash sticks too, and allow video payout without import, but those wish upon a star hopes with Apple. Flag as inappropriate In theory it's excellent, in practice I used to be able to transfer my photos to my ipad2 using both the reader and the usb connection.

Not any more. Device is now unusable junk! Flag as inappropriate Used to work.

I have 2 different card readers that I tried with this accessory. One gave me an error message that said the card reader needed too much power, but it wasn't connected to any power and neither was the iPad.

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The other card reader worked until I brought it on vacation to New Zealand but now gives the same error message. This is frustrating since it is a major reason I bought the iPad. To top it off there doesn't seem to be online help for this. Flag as inappropriate Doesn't work with card reader.

Purchased IPad 32g Wifi along with the camera kit. The IPad rocks, camera kit does not! Sony uses their stick for the memory card, so I connected the camera to the IPad with the USB adapter, message comes up on the IPad "device not supported". My question is Back to Overview.

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