Htc windows 8s vs samsung galaxy s2

Let me first give a proper explanation for why I have stated the aforementioned statement by giving a head to head comparison of both the handsets. Even a week eye can see that in this section the Galaxy S II has a distinct advantage.

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If the form is in question, both the handsets are bars. This game also goes to the Galaxy.


Both the phones have a 4. Both the handsets have 16M colors. The most important section in the Software comparison is the OS section; I am not going to discuss why, everyone knows. With the HTC 8S the bulk of the phone is one colour, while a stripe at the bottom is another. Interestingly this sets it apart even from the other phone in the range- the HTC 8X, which again is all one colour. It's a great and distinctive look, making the phone immediately recognisable no matter what angle it's viewed at.

With dimensions of It continues to impress when you pick it up.

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At g it's got a decent amount of weight to it, making it feel like a fairly premium device rather than a cheap piece of plastic. Speaking of plastic, there's no brushed metal or glass back on the HTC Windows Phone 8S, it's plastic through and through. Despite that it doesn't seem flimsy. The rubbery, polycarbonate finish makes it easy to grip and feels good in the hand.

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It doesn't look or feel cheap either, just different and that's a good thing. The front of the HTC 8S is dominated by the 4 inch screen, as you might expect.


Above it there's HTC's logo and a speaker, while below it there's the iconic stripe adorned with three soft touch buttons, specifically home, back and search. HTC have again stamped their logo in silver onto the back of the phone - this time much bigger. That punishing weight makes the Titan feel very sturdy, but obviously means it's less portable -- a definite downside when you're dealing with a mobile this massive. It's reasonably thin at 9. The look isn't particularly fresh either. HTC has been churning out phones with the same robust, industrial look for years now, and this one doesn't have much flair.

The Sensation XL scores slightly better on the design front because it's available in white, but otherwise it's got exactly the same design as the Titan. Whether or not you like a spot of sponsorship on your mobile is up to you.

HTC Sensation XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC Titan

The Sensation is a shade heavier than the Titan for some reason, weighing an imperceptibly weightier It's still 9. We were satisfied with how slender the Note felt in our greasy mitts.

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Unlike HTC, Samsung creates mobiles that are terrifyingly slim and light. The Galaxy S2 , for instance, is one of the most portable mobiles we've ever reviewed, despite having a 4. The Note is quite a looker too, with a rounded, textured back. It's not doing anything new, but it feels like a luxurious gadget, and you can't put a price on that.

The Galaxy Note packs some decent hardware into its paper-thin frame. There's an 8-megapixel camera with flash around the back that's capable of p recording, and a 2-megapixel snapper on the front. On the inside there's a 1. There's 16GB of on-board storage, though pop a microSD card in and you'll expand that. Oh, and there's a 2,mAh battery too. Pretty good stuff, but the Galaxy Note has a dirty little secret, hidden in its underbelly. Yes, Samsung has seen fit to squeeze a stylus into the Note's chassis, in a move that makes us feel as though we've travelled back through time.

To be fair, the stylus could have some interesting applications if you like making tiny sketches on your phone. But it's totally losable, and once you lose it you'll be left with a gaping hole in the bottom of your device that spiders could lay eggs in, and then you'll be on the phone when suddenly they crawl out and up your nose and into your brain.

Spiders in the brain isn't a concern with the HTC Titan.