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Score distribution:. User Reviews. Write a Review. I miss Club Penguin with all my heart, and I have so many memories on that game, but this is what we got.

Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is not I miss Club Penguin with all my heart, and I have so many memories on that game, but this is what we got. Club Penguin Island is not horrible, there is a lot to do, but sometimes it can be really confusing. CPI also requires you to pay for literally everthing, it's dumb. This game needs work, but its fair to say that I'm mixed on this game. Horrible game. You have to pay money to breathe air and the game always lags and crashes all the time, and you disconnect randomly. This Horrible game. This wasn't worth shutting the original Club Penguin down for.

This may be a bit biased as I played the original, but Disney really made a bad game. Club Penguin may have had membership problems coming with complaints preferring CPI, and I totally agree on the membership part. You can't; buy food, get clothes, play mini games, the list goes on and on! The graphics aren't even that good!

The original was good because it was a cartoon-ish style, and it fit within the flash game. Bad story, bad membership, bad graphics and bad advertising makes, guess what?


A bad game. Disney please. I hate games where you have to pay to play. Even in clash royale you have to pay , but you have to pay for gems not to play the game like this garbage. You must buy a membership before you read this review. There, all you need to know about the game. I was looking for the regular ClubPenguin but I will vent my anger here!

The app has already been updated four times, and now Disney is also turning on different options that make it into a full-fledged service akin to the online version. Now the app will feature the world map, frequent location and content updates, increased socialization such as the addition of locations like the Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, and Coffee Shop.

Up to 40 penguins can interact in these locations at a time. Starting this week, Club Penguin will roll out the map from the online virtual world on mobile and regularly add new locations to the island. In the new areas, penguins will be able to hang out and role play like they do in the online world.

Club Penguin Island for iPhone/iPad Reviews - Metacritic

They can also teleport directly to other rooms, such as their igloos, which are like a home base. You can collect stuff and store it in your igloo. And you can hold parties in your igloo. In the previous app, igloos were turned on in August and more than million have already been created. The world will also have new mini games including Pizzatron and Smoothie Smash, designed for mobile touchscreen play. Nine mini games are available.

Disney takes its Club Penguin virtual world to the iPad

Heatherly said those have been polished and adapted for mobile, which means the game experience will likely be shorter, or more snack-like. Heatherly said the architecture of the world is unique.

The team built a web browser for gaming. That means the app itself is a thin client, and most of the gameplay and world is moved to the server. That means that Disney can update the game world dynamically on the server. The next time someone fires up the app, the world will be a different place. Disney acquired this proprietary server technology with the acquisition of Playdom, which in turn acquired from Metaplace.

Those memberships will work on both the online web-based world and in the app. Heatherly said parents love that model because they can predict how much their children will spend in a month. Heatherly said the existing companion app has become a significant driver for new accounts, with a third of the new Club Penguin accounts coming from the app. He also said the app has the same safety technologies built into it. You can type chat messages in Club Penguin, for instance, but what you can say is tightly controlled. Heatherly said that the team will update virtual items every month, without doing a client update on the iPad.

An Android version is not available yet. An iPhone version is expected to debut in the first quarter. Got a news tip?