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The Lockscreen, Wallpapers, anything can seem attractive to some.

List Top 5 Free Downloadable iPhone Themes for Android

While there is absolutely no way for ordinary users to get a makeover on iOS to see how Android would look on an iPhone. But luckily we can do a facelift with just a few clicks.

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And for this many developers have created iPhone themes for android or iOS launcher apps that emulate the look of iOS as close as to the original as possible. Here are some of the best iOS launcher and apps so we could give our device some iOS flavor. Probably the best and most popular iOS launcher to turn your phone look like an iPhone. This lightweight launcher app will give your device a iOS 8 look with many customization options.

Not only the app resemble the look of iOS, but it also offers some of the general user interfaces from iPhone. For example, a user can tap and hold then drag app icons to rearrange them.

iPhone themes for Android : 5 Apps to make Android look like iPhone

Android 2. Launcher Theme for iPhone 7 1. Update on: Similar to Launcher Theme for iPhone 7.

How to install and apply PURE iOS11 iPhone Theme on any Android Phone Specially Redmi(Mi)

Lulubox-Free Skin for Mobile Legends 2. Instagram AxE 0.

The description of Launcher Theme for iPhone 7

Snack Lover 1. If users presently have the most recent versions of Go Keyboard installed on their mobile phones, they are usually very pleased with what they see.

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  • Free Download Top 5 iPhone Themes for Android?
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Therefore, they can take advantage of the features offered in this theme. On the other hand, for those that do not possess the latest Go Keyboard well, they may want to take advantage of accessing this download from the Android Market. With this particular theme, users will find that they will need a parent application for its functionality. Also, with the use of the display setting function, other android Keyboard will no longer appear in its theme tab.

Theme for Apple iPhone 8 Download APK for Android - Aptoide

Instead, users will have access to a much used and coveted iphone keyboard via their Google device. In some cases, an Android user may like the total looks of the iPhone device instead of the Android presentation that they receive in the android community. When this is the case or the situation, users can opt for the total full-fledged theme of Apple since it is being produced as a viable counterpart on Android devices.

With the iPhone Go launcher theme, users will have access to this specific functionality in a number of different ways including completely modifying the menu to display apps that normally only built-in to Apple. This function will also apply to the app drawer.