Jquery ipad click event twice

Or this is a bad approach to deal with such problems?

Avoid double click on iPod/iPad/iOS when using jQuery click()

You can pass data to the function you're binding and access it using the event object, as described in jQuery's on documentation, second example. Posting to the forum is only allowed for members with active accounts. Please sign in or sign up to post. I forgot my password. In that case there will be no reason for the mobile browsers to fire the hover changes first. Download a build of Modernizr link to a build.

jQuery - Onclick event listner for dynamically added elements

The most important step is to include the 'Touch Events' browser feature. My modernizr-config. It's without having a 3rdparty like modernizr, however, I can encourage you to use that. Also my solution is too simple so it not recognizes whether it's a touch device or just a really narrow window on a PC.

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So pcwa-ahendricks 's solution looks much better. Found a blog post explaining the issue https: Thank you mfodor. Actually pcwa-ahendricks 's solution is too complicated for me. Touch devices trigger the hover styles on the first tap and then do the click handler on the second one. The way I've dealt with this before is similar to pcwa-ahendricks.

jQuery click event bind multiple times ? | Treehouse Community

We can have a hover mixin that we use to register all of the hover styles, e. We should keep in mind that this will add some bloat and will increase the specificity on the hover selectors. I hope there is a way to make this project just not have this problem on touch device. Still an issue. I'm using material 2. I have consistent behavior, across all browsers on iOS: Glad this is open again, as it seems to be a recurring theme across many devices.

Thanks for all your work, devs who are on this; you are appreciated!

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I wasn't able to reproduce it metavurt. Can you post an example of something that doesn't work as expected? You can use this as a template. I will try my best to post something this evening. I'm having the same problem with md-icon-button and md-raised-button.


Using material 2. I just did a quick build using a brand new -cli initialized base, and adding in bare bones navigation with icons.

Handling click and touch events on the same element

Just tested in Chrome on iOS First tap shows the overlay, second tap resolves the route. Also, I just built this without using your suggested template - apologies for that; was just trying to put up something quickly and my personal domain is easy for that. Please correct me if I am misusing Material Design. I do recognize that the flat buttons are not necessarily for use with md-icon, however , I do not believe this is the reason for the weird double tap necessity on mobile view.

Fixing jQuery Click Events for the iPad

FWIW, I use the flat icons because I do not want circular buttons in any part of my apps, and it was easy implementing icons within flat than it was to negate the circular affect. I think it has something to do with how iOs handles css: In this css, which comes from my testing repository —. The following display: Being able to use z-index is due to. Setting the value of z-index to -1 places it behind other DOM elements, which block any taps, thereby allowing the button itself to receive the action of tapping, and directing the app to the designated route using a single tap.

You can see this working at weo3. For anyone else interested, metavurt 's workaround amounted to adding.

  • jQuery click event bind multiple times ?;
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  • Avoid double click on iPod/iPad/iOS when using jQuery click();

I have a problem with my web application which is designed for iPad. I use jQuery and jQuery UI for dragging elements on the screen. Because on iPad, the element can not be dragged by default, I added this library:. Including it, I can drag and drop elements on iPad, but also a problem occurs. I have on the draggable element also a div are with an image, which should be clickable.

On normal desktop browsers, like Firefox 4 Beta and Safari, it works, only one test message appears by clicking with the mouse on the x - delete image. On iPad, I get the message twice or the screen froze. This is not really a response, as i don't known why you have it twice. But you can try a workaround if you're sure your click event is the only click event behavior that should be attached to this button; Make an unbind just before you're bind, this will remove any previous click binding so if this is run several times, you'll get only one event:.

I've found that events get fired twice when showing an alert box on a click. I've managed to overcome this problem by using a setTimeout to show the alert box I do not know why, but if I do not use alert messages, it will work. I create new elements and then it is only called once, on iPad and Desktop Safari.