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Hello can ypu help me set APN on my galazy G5. I have virgolin network but cant acces internet. I generally only use wifi, not mobile data.

I have never had a problem receiving text messages including ones with pictures MMS. I recently switched from an iPhone to a Pixel running Android 9. How can I fix this? Your email address will not be published.

How to change APN Settings by doing sim swap for iPhone, Straight talk, Net10, H2O, etc...

Related Posts. August 13, Reply. Note, however, that Canadian carriers that are official Apple partners disable the APN settings menu on iPhones this is dictated by the SIM card due to the fact that it dictates which carrier file is installed, if any.

APN Settings

These settings are based mainly on information provided by the carriers. In the interest of concise entries, we have omitted the categories that are unnecessary to fill-in. What are APN settings? APNs are often described as a gateway that connects a mobile network with the internet. Why would you need to use them?

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I did sign up to o2 network. However there 3g service was very poor in my area.

Virgin Mobile APN settings for iOS - APN Settings Canada

This means you are using an iPhone that has been hacked to be unlocked. Doing so is against Apple's license agreement for the iPhone, is not supported by Apple directly or indirectly via these discussions, and voids the warranty.

Settings for Virgin Mobile - Mexico

O2 had to enable MMS for the iPhone with their network for firmware version 3. The seller just said that it will work with any SIM card. Everything else works fine. I guess I will just have to wait until "freepic" release a UK version. Thanks for your replies. It seems that MMS would not be enabled on my account, however after numerous calls to Virgin they cannot seem to do this, they just escalate the issue to tech support with the report that my data service is not working correctly which it is!

Setting up your new Virgin Mobile phone

I've tried the above settings also, along with any others that I've been able to find on the net - all to no avail. Lucky you! I don't even get a SMS asking me to visit the Virgin website! There is an app called "Flutter" which you can buy from iTunes. This will send a MMS, but the reciepient will get a text link toa website.

It will not however, allow you to receive MMS.

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Does the iStore offically unlock? If so, I may go that route. Like I said, I tried o2, but their 3g service was dreadful. It droped down to the old wap service and I live 2 miles from a major city centre!