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Again, with all of these ACA Neo Geo games, there are a lot of options that you can set up to enhance your experience. As I mentioned, Metal Slug 4 is a side scrolling run and shoot game. If you get close to them, you can use your knife, which will happen automatically, to slash them down. You also have bombs that you can toss out to take care of larger packs, or do heavier damage to enemy slugs.

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While fighting the various enemy types, they can actually transform you into something different. You can be turned into a zombie, mummy, or even a monkey!

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I actually really enjoyed playing this game with some of the display and audio filters. I used B1 for the display filter which applied scan lines and scrolling lines, and Type A for the Reverb function. This really brought me back to my childhood and standing in the arcade! Side note, I went back and tried these settings on Garou: It just works really well for Metal Slug.

This is a game that you are going to die a lot in. There were several times playing that I would die, spawn, die, spawn, die, Continue. Remember that it is an arcade game that was meant to eat your quarters.

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In my first playthrough, I had to continue 49 times! Something that is not good is that this game suffers from slow down when there is a lot of action going on. These ACA series games are usually pretty true to the arcade, so I have no choice but to assume it was present in the arcade as well. So I beat the game twice, am I done with it? It is a game that I can play with a friend if I am out with my Switch. The Caravan mode is great to go back to again and again, because it is just 5 minute gameplay on the easier part of the game, so you can jump in, kill some baddies, then be done for the time being.

Final Verdict: It was kind of tough for me to decide on whether or not this game is worth it. I am going to say that for me, it was worth it , but I would probably say this with any Metal Slug game if it was my first. Game Info: Metal Slug 4 for Nintendo Switch. August 9, No. Previous Games: Note from Bensly: I failed on the video this week, but I'm still going to try to have it up this week if you've subscribed. I got caught between having a Windows 10 upgrade fail on me, requiring me to reinstall and set up programs again, and football season starting. This week, I'll schedule myself better so that I can not have late updates like this.

Thank you for reading, and understanding. Thanks for reading! I just buy 1 less beer on Friday nights: I didn't read it that way, but if it is, it's all good. I've explained why I'm buying the games I'm buying. Like the post, will definitely follow you. I like budget games to play with my son dunce he is 5 years old. Anyone interested in Metal Slug should consider playing with friends. Good times. If you weren't around in the arcade days, you owe it to yourself to grab a buddy and play some Metal Slug.

Every game in the series is good and the gameplay is great. I just started with the videos a couple weeks ago. I plan on going back and making videos for weeks , but it will be a while till I can get to them. Cheers buddy. I'll have a watch later. I got the first metal slug on switch when released. Can't beat those arcade sounds.

Wish they would release more arcade games. WWF wrestling would be class. Metal Slug 4 is a decent time, if you haven't played it. It's not by the original Nazca devs who made , but the new team did a fair bit of amping up the spectacle with stage gimmicks that feel straight out of action movies. Metal Slug 5 is a total waste of time, I think. They implement the Slugs in a few interesting ways, but all of the enemies are boring re-skins.

It really feels like more of a sloppy ROM Hack than anything. It's not out on the eShop yet, and if it ever does get released, it's worth skipping. Metal Slug 6 has a few really cool new ideas, in it, along with new enemies made from scratch.

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I found it to be particularly challenging, even among the other games in the series, to the point where it just felt unfair in places. Granted, I only played through it once. The backgrounds in 6 look awful, like they've had a really bad anti-aliasing filter put on them, as though pixel art backgrounds are no longer fitting to the series with the best pixel sprites around. Still seems kinda disingenuous.

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I don't really give a shit about their convoluted dice rolling system or whatever other bullshit method they use to pick the games. They should stick to that. It's a pretty fucking simple concept that they've already failed to adhere to multiple times. Let's hear your voices downvoters. Explain yourselves. If I said I was going to exclusively review hamburger joints but I made up a completely arbitrary system of picking hamburger places that also let me review taco trucks and shaved ice stands, would you still champion me as a hamburger reviewer? I thought it over, and said sure, I can possibly do that once a month.

This series is the way it is due to suggestions and feedback. Write better; feedback. Start a blog to keep my reviews on; suggestion.

Start a YouTube channel; suggestion. If the votes say I should, then I will. There are no injuries and failures will never be punished by anything. You have a big mission in the Metal Slug 4 pro you must save the village from Metal Slu 4 fight with your favorite missile and rockets.

R-Robot A Skills and shooting technique in the field of fighting with this robot are unsurpassed.


Not much speed Strong. The maximum speed on defense, can benefit a good offense.

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R-Robot B One of the best Rockets in the game for attack. R-Robot C Watch your shoot, high blows, and high punches. R-Robot S His beginnings but have high power 8. R-Robot F This game is just fiction not real. Do not try to fight on the street or in the home. Play on your phone when you have free time to play and and fight with Metal Slu 4 enemy.